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GlobalizerFounded in 2008, Long Island, New York-based Globalizer LLC is on track to be a leader in the global online advertising space. Our management team brings years of direct marketing and internet advertising experience from companies like Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com, eMusic.com, Traffix Inc. and Acclaim among others and have a track record of building successful web businesses such as OneStopWinning (sold to About.com in 2000), Hot Rocket Marketing Inc (acquired by Traffix Inc. in 2005) and affiliate network RocketProfit.

Globalizer buys all types of media from all around the world. We handle Search, Display, Email, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing campaigns for clients and offers in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. For more information about online advertising opportunities with Globalizer, click here.

Globalizer specializes in the monetization of traffic in both the US and abroad with a special focus on Europe, Asia and South America. If you are generating users from these places, Globalizer can help you maximize your earnings per visit. For more information about become a publisher for Globalizer and Globalizer Network (http://www.globalizernetwork.com) click here.